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Guild Message of the Day - May 22nd
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Non Combat Pet News

By: Orangemoon - July 27th

New Website


We've moved. Find us here:

By: Orangemoon - July 23rd

Heroic Majordomo Staghelm Down!

Amazing work on Staghelm guys. We're now 6/7 HM and ready for Rags. If we throw all our ilvl 391 DE crystals from this week's farm at him, we might be able to knock him out. Aim for the eyes, everyone.


On a side note, you're welcome for my considerate placement of our guild logo:


  • Herosmasher: Nice work everyone!! :) Nice pic of Gamex lol
  • Zephasaurus: Van why is there a damn scorpion in front of the raid?
  • Tarew: This made me lulz real hard.
  • Galkaa: Man, those balloons... :D
By: Orangemoon - July 21st

Heroic Beth'tilac Squished!

The fight was quite buggy (pun intended) but after we figured out how to not let Beth'tilac 1-shot our healers below (never stand under questionable holes), we managed to kill her.


We're now 5/7hm. One more to go before we hit the brick wall!


  • Gamex: Brick wall is harder than a WEB wall... lol....... ... .. lol
By: Orangemoon - July 19th

Heroic Alysrazor Dead!

We are now 4/7 HM and US top 20 overall.


As a reward, we get to dine on a cooked bird:




(Yeah, we forgot to take a screenie)

  • Närwhal: Oh killed my sexy girlfriend!
  • Zephasaurus: I forgot till after the fight to tell you we didnt get a screenshot of the kill. Good thing narwhal roasted his girlfriend for the pic.
  • Gamex: LOL
By: Orangemoon - July 15th

H Shannox, H Lord Rhyolith & H Baleroc Down!

A belated update but we're now 3/7 HMs.


H Shannox died pretty quickly after we figured out the mechanic. H Lord Rhyo tripped us up a little, but we managed to take him down in the end. H Baleroc was a challenge but luckily we managed to kill him before we killed each other, netting a US 9th kill.


Nice work sticking with it and grinding out the kills everyone!




  • Gamex: "before we killed eachother" yeah pretty much, lol. Baleroc is such a miserable grind
  • Zephasaurus: I prefer the statement "Before the dps went on strike".
By: Orangemoon - June 29th

Normal Firelands Clear 7/7

I think all of us here in NCP will agree that Blizz managed to release some seriously fun fights this tier. A personal favorite is jumping through the spider hole on Beth'tilac. Weee!


Looking forward to the challenge of heroics next week.



  • Närwhal: How long do you think other guilds learn about the secret balloon buff?
  • Orangemoon: Everyone likes balloons therefore balloons make everyone happy which means morale is up and so the bosses die fast. Not a secret!
  • Notepads: needs more superman 64 action
  • Åpatia: Gamex is the saddest looking Tree ever. Someone get him a balloon!
  • Annalla: I tried to convince him to get one. And he's sad because his tree form looks like purple broccoli!
  • Gamex: I'm not sad at all. I'm quite proud of my purple broccoli. The purple bat next to me looks like an annoying bug I'm about to swat away with my huge branch-arm-thing.
By: Orangemoon - May 27th

Drakes of the East Wind

Glory of the Cataclysm Raider complete.


We have new rides!



Except for us droods... bird form > all

  • Minkob: Cool, Gratz guys
  • Vuldin: as if cut us out!!!
  • Gamex: Soooooooooooo mean orange!
  • Åpatia: Man, already getting cut from the team (pictures)
  • Gamex: We're off the team
  • Orangemoon: Haha, you guys were waaaay off to the side! We can retake one since Vuld also has his now
By: Orangemoon - May 5th

Sinestra DEAD!

We killed her kids and now we've killed her. Does that make us bad people? D:


Regardless, NCP is now 13/13 and ready for Firelands! It's been a long road... great work to everyone who's come this far.



  • Definitionf: I like how Hoyo is there and he wasn't even in the group for the kill :O
  • Gamex: lol ya I was wondering about that
  • Gamex: I like how people are directly grasting me on the forums and I didn't even kill it, hah! ;)
  • Putriçide: Good job guys :) let's race for Firelands now >:)
  • Zanë: We owe a lot to everyone for this kill. Really proud to be apart of this guild and this kill :)))
By: Orangemoon - April 29th

Heroic Cho'gall Down x 2!

A belated update but both of our weeknight 10 mans defeated Heroic Cho'gall earlier this week. Awesome work all!



Here we are at Blizz's newest boss: The Lava Pit of Doom. If you thought the elevator boss was hard, wait till you try this deathtrap out.




What awaits after you survive the lava pit?


This lady:


(who will probably get legs 2 expansions from now)


By: Orangemoon - April 1st

Heroic Ascendant Council Down 11/13

Not only was the order wrong, he also didn't have any HEART. So, we killed the captain planet imposter and moved one step closer to completing this tier of content.


NCP: We like to frolic in fire!

  • Freze: Congrats guys, great job!
  • Gamex: Cho and Sin..... almost done...
  • Zephasaurus: Haha my gnome looks so evil standing in the corner.
  • Souless: Captain Planet he's our hero, gonna take polution down to ZER OOO

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